BEST Scholarship

Business Exchange & Student Training

Mission: To foster competition and entrepreneurial high-tech culture in Italy via a transfer of US best practices through an exchange program with Silicon Valley

Program modules:
1. Three months of classes  to study entrepreneurship
2. Each student works for three months in a start-up in Silicon Valley
3. After the repatriation(*), students are supported for six months by an Italian tutor to launch their own start-up

Scholarship: tuition fees + travel + housing + monthly allowance + health insurance

Target: Bachelor degree, PhD students (<35 year old) with high-tech ideas or early start-ups

Actors: USA Embassy to Italy, Fulbright Commission, INVITALIA, Italian Consulate in SF, Fondazione CRT

For details about the tender, timing and process please refer to

(*) Grantees enter the United States with a J1 Visa whereby they must leave the US upon completion of the program and cannot be employed in the US for 2 subsequent years

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