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Italy-USA: 3 Trump Cards for a successful business matching

Italy-USA: 3 Trump Cards for a successful business matching

​Italy-USA: 3 Trump Cards for a successful business matching​by Alessandro Decio, CEO SACE​The quality of Made in Italy and the propensity to export combine to fuel the engine of the Italian economy. Going global makes...

Italy – We’re Open For Business

Italy – We’re Open For Business

​Italy – We’re Open For Business​by Francesco Starace, CEO Enel​Recent years have seen unprecedented changes across the political, economic and social landscape. Yet while navigating these “uncharted waters”, Italian...

Telecoms in Italy: a great innovation opportunity

Telecoms in Italy: a great innovation opportunity

​Telecoms in Italy: a great innovation opportunity​by Jeffrey Hedberg, CEO Wind TreThe telecommunications market in Italy is characterized by intense competition featuring four major operators (each with foreign...

Business Transformation in the Banking Sector

Business Transformation in the Banking Sector

Business Transformation in the Banking Sector​by Giuseppe Castagna, CEO Banco BPMThe banking sector is undergoing a rapid evolution in its business models to counter the decreased profitability of the core business,...

Fernando Napolitano on TG2 newscast

Fernando Napolitano on TG2 newscast

Fernando Napolitano on TG2 newscastOn January the 18th, Fernando Napolitano has been interviewed on the newscast of the Italian public television. The topic of the TV report was "The International Business Exchange" event which will be...


Discover by interviewee

Amato G. - Member of the Constitutional Court of Italy

Arcuri D. - Invitalia CEO

Arena S. - Chiomenti US Managing Partner

Athanasopoulos T. - Former COO Toyota Europe

Aversa S. - Alix Partners Global Vice Chairman

Bentivoglio F. A. - Chairman & CEO FIDIA Holding

Bogas Gálvez J. D. - ENDESA CEO

Bozzoli C. - ENEL Head of Global Digital Solutions

Cammisecra A. - Sole Administrator, Enel Green Power

Campanini C. - Managing Partner Kearney

Candiani S. - Microsoft Italia Country General Manager

Cardinali F. - J.P. Morgan Senior Country Officer Italy

Caselli S. - Bocconi University Vice Rector for International Affairs

Cashin D. - President One Equity Partners

Castagna G. - CEO Banco BPM

Catania E. - President Confindustria Digitale

Cereda E. - IBM Italy Country General Manager

Ciorra E. - Chief Innovability Officer Enel Group

Cipriani Foresio R. - Alibaba Group General Manager

Codogno L. - London School of Economics

Confalonieri F. - Chairman Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo

Conti F. - AON Board Director

Cucchiani E. T. - Bocconi Executive Committee Member

De Felice G. - Chief Economist | Intesa Sanpaolo

De Paoli A. - ENEL Group CFO

Del Vecchio C. - CEO Brooks Brothers

Di Stefano G. - Nomura Exec. Director

Dompé S. - Dompé Group CEO

Edelman R. - CEO Edelman

Elkann L. - Garage Italia President

Fayez R. - Banque Saudi Fransi CEO

Ferraris L. - CEO TERNA

Foa M. - RAI President

Fox P. - Bloomberg Media

Fracassi A. - CEO Gruppo MutuiOnLine

Gabelli M. - GABELLI Group | President & Director

Grilli V. - Chairman of the Corporate & Investment Bank | EMEA, J.P. Morgan

Haass R. N. - President of the Council on Foreign Relations

Hedberg J. - CEO Wind Tre

Iansiti M. - Harvard Business School

Ibarra M. - CEO Sky Italia

Ilacqua F. - NY Managing Partner, Gianni - Origoni - Grippo - Cappelli Partners

Jerusalmi R. - CEO Borsa Italiana

Lapucci M. - Secretary Gen. Fondazione CRT

Libshutz J. - Linkem Vice Chairman

Maisonrouge F. - EVERCORE Senior Managing Director

Manca D. - Corriere della Sera – Deputy Editor in Chief

Marin M. - Managing Principal MC Square

Marinangeli G. T. - President American Chamber of Commerce

Mayer B. - Aspen Institute Chairman

Mustier J. P. - CEO Unicredit

Napolitano F. - CEO NEWEST

Neri R. - CEO ENAV

Nowlis M. R. - Cornell University

O'Keeffe R. - Managing Director BlackRock

O’Halloran S. - Columbia University


Passera C. - CEO Illimity Bank

Petroni A. - Aspen Institute Secretary General

Pozzani F. - CEO TEON

Prencipe A. - Rector LUISS University

Pucci K. - KM&CO Founder & CEO

Ranzo G. - CEO AVIO

Rapaccioli D. - Dean Fordham University Gabelli Schools of Business

Ravera L. - CEO Humanitas Research Hospital

Scaccabarozzi M. - President Farmindustria

Scannapieco D. - Chairman European Investment Fund

Scaroni P. - A.C. Milan President | Rothschild Deputy Chairman

Shorris T. - Former New York First Deputy Mayor

Smith R. - CURA Foundation President & Chairman of the Board

Spitz B. - MEDEF Pôle International et Europe, President

Starace F. - CEO ENEL

Tamagnini M. - CEO FSI

Taranto R. - Bocconi Univ. Managing Director

Tecnam P2012 Traveller -

Thorne H. D. - Ambassador

Trapani F. - Tages Group Executive Deputy Chairman

Trussardi B. - President Fondazione Nicola Trussardi

Tse E. - CEO Gao Feng Advisory

Valencienne D. P. - DPV

Valeri F. - CEO Deutsche Bank Italia

Venturini F. - ENEL X, CEO

Verona G. - Bocconi University Rector

Viani G. - Partner Oliver Wyman

Vietor R. H. K. - Harvard Business School

Vismara A. - CEO EQUITA

Zimmer S. - CEO Zimmer Partners

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