Leadership & Mission


Fernando Napolitano, President & CEO

Martin Brannigan, Executive Vice President Global Media Development


A new vision on business relations between Europe and the United States.

NEWEST is an innovative platform for enhanced EU-US understanding and business actions. A pragmatic conduit to foster information, growth and education, it is an actor of positive change leveraging the business world to inspire policy makers.

Four intertwined programs that address the needs that are emerging from a changed societal context where the influence and competence among institutions, corporations, media and NGOs have structurally changed.

The business world has an opportunity to lead.

NEWEST: fostering a new EU-US business vision.


The most important people talk to The Voice of Business

The Voice of Business is the first web news channel to provide US investors business communities with a constant authentic news, information and data by European thought-leaders, as well as the perspective of US investors who have successfully invested in Europe.


An exclusive conference to change the world

Newest organizes an exclusive conference every year in New York to directly discuss the economic, financial and geopolitical landscape. This is a space for global leaders to directly discuss trends, innovations and latest releases in market world, defining relations between USA & Europe.


Influence, Relevance, Growth

The IRG Index consists of 10 quantitative parameters that measure the influence of a Corporation, its relevance and its capability to become a positive contributor to economic growth and to partner with policy makers. IRG provides companies with the tools to align to a changed social context. CSR and Sustainability are great and a must do. But what’s next?


Business Exchange & Student Training

The B.E.S.T. Scholarship – a cooperation among the US Embassy in Italy, the Fulbright Commission and Invitalia – is the exchange program for students and start-uppers. BEST provides the unique opportunity to study open innovation and to work for the world’s best startups in Silicon Valley.

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