By Fernando Napolitano

I am pleased to announce that Martin Brannigan will take on the role of Executive Vice President Global Media Development for NEWEST.

Martin has worked for Sky Italia since 2008 starting as Head of Broadcast Operations. Under his leadership Sky Italia became the first fully digitized broadcaster within NEWS Corp. group.

Martin has gained one of the most extraordinary experiences in the world of media covering different roles between strategy / innovation (such as Executive Producer for the London Olympics in 2012), production and customer care for the various Sky platforms. Last but not least, becoming one of the top not Italian executives in Italy (and who speaks splendid Italian)!

“I am looking forward to the ambitious challenge of taking the NY based Newest to the next level” says Martin “by creating the first national and international Italian media outlet in English.

Italy does not have a media outlet in English. To name a few, France, Spain, Japan, China, Middle East and Russia all have English language news channels shaping their national and business narrative in the wider world. Italy is the only major world economy to allow our business narrative to be reported almost exclusively by the foreign press.

By not having an English language media organization, Italy is committing self-inflicted communication disintermediation.  Our excellent Italian companies, organizations and regions must fend for themselves on that international stage, without the support of what should be, and can be, an exceptional cohesive international narrative. By Italians, for the world.

Newest will change that. We are developing new international program formats, starting with the Voice of Business, in partnership with Sky Italia. Other formats and partnerships are being developed with US networks. This ambitious goal means that Italy, its companies, organizations and regions, can shape their own message, and amplify it on the world stage through Newest.”

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