The International Business Exchange

US-Europe-China. The Hottest Dossiers: Conflict vs. Cooperation
Since its launch in 2013, the International Business Exchange has created a space for industry experts and government leaders to discuss the ever-changing geopolitical landscape defining relations between the United States and Europe.

The annual event in New York convenes leaders from European and American business, government, NGO and academic communities for lively and impactful conversations dedicated to fostering economic diplomacy between the United States and Europe. In 2020 leaders from China will join to discuss the most important and challenging dossiers.
Co-promoters include the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, Aspen Institute Italia, the Center for American Studies, the Council for the United States and Italy, and Bocconi University.

New York | MAY 20, 2020

US-China-Europe. The Hottest Dossiers: Cooperation vs. Conflict.

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