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Stefano Donnarumma | Terna CEO Interviewed by Pimm Fox

Stefano Donnarumma​ – Terna CEO. Interviewed by Pimm Fox

Italy’s Terna Targets $20 billion For Economic Recovery; CEO Donnarumma Sees Grid Growth, Upgrades, Subsea Technology

The interview covers subjects such as the grid operator’s responsibility and leading role in transitioning to a more modern electricity grid. Terna S.p.A is simultaneously expanding access and reliability through projects such as undersea cables linking Greece and North Africa. Combining expertise in the public and private sector, Donnarumma is eager to see Terna’s more than $20 billion plan generate benefits for consumers and utility customers as well as shareholders. Terna is the largest independent electricity transmission system operators (TSO) in Europe.
“We see our investments producing results for existing and new customers, in addition to our shareholder base,” said Donnarumma.




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