VentureOut Italy, May 8 -13 2016

From October 23 to October 27 2016

Since 2013, the Italian Business & Investment Initiative (IB&II) and VentureOutNY  have partnered to support Italy’s most promising tech startups on their journey to raise capital and launch in the US.

The VentureOut program will focus on

  • connecting the best up and coming Italian startups to New York’s finest and most respected members of the startup and technology communities.
  • These include leading venture capitalists such as FF Venture Capital and Gotham Ventures and partners such as Google, Etsy, NY Tech Meetup, the Mayor’s Office of New York and many others.
  • Through VentureOut, startups with the brightest futures, the best leadership, and the strongest products will have access to New York’s VC market and meet influencers in the tech community.
  • The program is intense, exhausting, and full of meetings, but is a game-changing opportunity for any startup that is ready for explosive growth in the biggest market in the world.



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