The speech by Ambassador Phillips to Hall of Justice is like salt on the wounds: painful but true. Justice in Italy discourages foreign investors. Something positive is, indeed, happening in Italy though little is known to international observers. The announcement of the reform of RAI (the state owned TV) -irrelevant to investors – has devoured the much more useful plan of action to extend to the rest of the country the best practices on the efficiency of justice made by Judge Mario Barbuto. This happens due to the lack of human capital quality in the top positions of government and in communication, especially the English one. The standing and reputation of a country are not only made by the Prime Minister, even more so by all those who are in command. The ambassador, in fact, mentioned the “Barbuto story” but the government’s plan. President Truman used to say to his collaborators, including George Marshall father of the eponymous plan,: “Go do well, and make me look great!”.

Panorama, May 2015

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